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Effects of Palau fishing restrictions studied
Mar 6, 2020, Mānoa — The restrictions are likely to negatively affect the supply of offshore fish in the short term.
VNR: Preparing medical students to cope with death
Mar 5, 2020, Mānoa — In their first two years of training, students engage in frank discussions about death.
Nutrient pollution, ocean warming negatively affect early life of corals
Mar 5, 2020, Mānoa — Researchers found coral survival was negatively affected by elevated nutrients and ocean warming.
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa study suggests how to save threatened Haleakalā silverswords
Mar 5, 2020, Mānoa — Efforts should focus on outplanting new plants in areas with the most favorable climatic conditions.
Environmental Law Program 30th anniversary postponed
Mar 3, 2020, Mānoa — The 30th anniversary of the Environmental Law Program scheduled for March 6–8 has been postponed.
UH entrepreneurship program awards $40K to three student startups
Feb 27, 2020, Mānoa — Three UH student-led startups were awarded a total of $40,000 in grant funding.
Peeking at the plumbing of one of the Aleutian’s most-active volcanoes
Feb 26, 2020, Mānoa — Helen Janiszewski used a new technique to analyze earthquake data of Alaska's Cleveland volcano.
UH Cancer Cancer study highlights importance of culturally grounded prevention efforts
Feb 25, 2020, Mānoa — Traditional Native Hawaiian practices are used to promote healthy behaviors and cancer prevention.
Studying human disease reveals coral disease risk factors
Feb 24, 2020, Mānoa — A team of researchers used a human epidemiology technique to study coral diseases.
Hawaiʻi doctor shortage propels UH to seek medical school expansion
Feb 24, 2020, Mānoa — Proposal to expand the University of Hawaiʻi medical school to help tackle state's doctor shortage.
VNR: New findings: Pacific marine national monuments do not harm fishing industry
Feb 20, 2020, Mānoa — Records of individual fishing events and detailed satellite data on vessel movements were analyzed.
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